8 Amazing Tips for Basketball Shooting

September 17, 2015

In order to be an expert basketball player one should be good at basketball shooting. One should know all the basics and mechanics of shooting for that. No one can be 100% perfect, but it is also the fact of nature that the practice makes the man perfect. So, for the sake of improvement, mentioned below are very important tips for basketball shooting.

Stationary Basketball Shooting Techniques:

Apart from movements and motion as in the regular game for the sake of practice, here are tips for stationary phase so that one can focus on basic techniques.how to play basketball

  1. Keep Your Eyes Right on the Target

In order to improve your efficacy focuses on the rim. Do bother for shooting, but before shooting, instead of focusing on the flight you should focus on the target.

  1. You Should Have Full Control on Your Balance and Body Movements

You should position your feet and shoulders widely. As far as feet are concerned, they should be slightly staggered up to the extent you are comfortable. Your shooting foot should be extended more forward compared to non shooting foot. Practice in this posture so that you will be comfortable enough to adopt this posture. Do exercise and practice so that your joints become flexible.

  1. Focus on Shot Pocket

Try to shoot the ball towards pocket as soon as you catch it. Alignment of your posture, target point and eyes is quite important. Grip the ball properly and do keep ball far above your waist for better results.

  1. You Should Have Good Grip on Ball

For better grip on the ball keep the air hole between index and your middle finger. In order to monitor the spinning movement of the ball keep your finger tip pads parallel to the long seams of the ball. Keep a space between ball and your palm. For balance the ball in one hand keep your fingers apart from each other. read more …

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Vertical Jumping

August 30, 2015

Learn how to jump higher in basketball. Working to increase your vertical jumping ability is great for any training routine and is especially helpful for athletes in sports like basketball, track and field and volleyball. To be effective at vertical jumping requires a combination of strength, speed and movement efficiency. To improve your vertical jump, it is important to concentrate on each of these skills separately and then combine them into a better jump.

Exercises to Increase Vertical Leap

Know Where You Are and Set a Goal

It is important to know your current skill level so you can gauge how well your training is working. To begin, it is best to track both your standing and running vertical jump. First, measure your height against a wall when you stand straight with your arms reaching straight up. You can have a friend measure for the best accuracy or just use chalk in your fingers. As long as you are consistent, it will give you a good, general idea of your vertical jumping skill level.

Next, jump as high as you can with your arms extended over your head and measure again using the same method as before. If you are in a safe location with enough room to make sure no one will get hurt, measure your vertical jump again but this time with a running start.

It is important to repeat these measurements often as you are training. It will help motivate you as well as let you know if you’re training routine is doing the job or if you should make some adjustments. read more …

How Basketball Training For Kids Develops Essential Life Skills

May 12, 2015

Physical activity is an important part of life. It is essential for a child’s development. Today’s children are a lot less active than past generations. To increase children’s activity levels, groups and associations have ongoing programs that offer basketball training for kids. Children of all ages can join a basketball team and learn to play an exciting game.

Developing Skills While Learning Basketball

Basketball is a great sport that many children enjoy playing. It is a team sport that provides opportunities for children of every age to develop many great skills, including:

The Important Role of the Coach

Coaches have a significant impact on their players. Through their actions, coaches act as mentors and role models. They teach children how to play the game. But they also teach children much more. read more …